Quantitative measurement of night sweats is a biomarker that reflects the body’s condition and is a symptom of various diseases. We believe that measuring night sweats quantitatively can provide valuable insights to medical science.

The Q-strip sensor is the first device capable of longitudinally measuring quantitative night sweats in individuals during their regular sleep conditions. We aim to facilitate scientific and educational institutions to utilize our sensor for research and educational purposes due to the potential benefits of quantitative measurement of night sweats in medical research.

Research tools


Q-strip has developed several prototypes based on SD data storage, IoT (The Things Network, Arduino Cloud) and Wifi. Prototypes are made available to schools and universities at reduced rates. Contact Daan van der Werf for more information: development@qstrip.nl


Windows Q-Strip Data Analyzer

We developed a Windows application that can process and visualize TXT files containing Q-strip data. The TXT files are used with our prototype with SD card storage.

Highlighted Projects

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