Sweat science… measuring.


Project case [experimental]
Our case is about to measure the amount of sweat during sleep of (still healthy) people during this pandemic. We are referring to the trends that arise before people are really sick at getting their first symptoms
We are not sick the first day after an infection, yet our body tells us more during our night’s sleep than we aware.
These night’s rest moments are mapped by measuring and subsequently offering a way of prevention against corona or its spread.
Since there is not always a fever during corona infection, a sweat indicator may tell us more about what the body is experiencing.
Temperature can also be monitored, but has not (yet) been embedded into the strips.

Project mission
1000 devices working over LoRa spread across Brabant (disctrict @ The Netherlands) with the Q-Strip as a sweat sensor in the bed of the test persons.
This centralizes all real-time data and makes it possible to read / compare trends of the test person who may have / has or had symptoms.

Project test material
1000 devices require 1000 strips per month.
A Q-Strip lasts a maximum of 1 month, with a new Q-Strip a new measurement starts.
Q-Strips are not calibrated to each other, although the effect remains linear per strip.
A 3 month test period would be 5 Q-Strips / test person and an estimated 5000 in total.

Project Devices
There are various providers in the field of open source arduino boards.
The Things Network has LoRaWAN UNO Boards for one (+/- 50 eur / pc)
Seeeduino is the board where the current prototypes run, these are fairly plug & play. (+/- 50 eur / pc)
Devices can also be made from the open source side. The Things Network has about 100,000 developers who can easily duplicate these devices. Having sufficient stable Q-Strips is therefore an advantage.

Project software
The software can be used both centrally and locally and runs on a Windows OS with a MySQL open source database. Software is available for free and can be used if a MYSQL Database is present on the Windows Machine. The measured values ​​are locally present in the MySQL database.

Project Privacy
There is never a relationship in private data between the devices & users.
With the feedback, only an email address that is linked to the device ID is sufficient.
To be able to link contamination or complaints to this data, the obtained device ID is linked via a webform.

Project Q-Strip production
Q-Strips must be manufactured manually. They are cut, inlaid, glued, ironed and rolled up.
A 3-5 minute working time is required per Q-Strip. Testing afterwards is very important to record good results.
Carbon fibers and paper are +/- 25 cents per Q-Strip with mounting patch.

Automated production

To have enough Q-Strips for this project we need to develop a simple machine to manufacture Q-Strips fast. Investment is need for that.

Project Realization financial

  • Setting up a foundation to receive project funds?
  • Crowdfunding for quick action?
  • Private investment?

This project is still under experimental conditions but ready enough to scale up.

Wanted: People / companies that are by powers to carry this project.


Log data

Query trend data

Understanding matching patterns