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2020 – A Noninvasive Wearable Device for Real-Time Monitoring of Secretion Sweat Pressure by Digital Display

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Authors: Pei-Heng Lin, Wei- Lun Chang, Sian- Chen Sheu, Bor- Ran Li
Published: iScience 23, 101658
Date: November 20, 2020


Sweat-based wearable devices have attracted increasing attention by providing abundant physiological information and continuous measurement through noninvasive healthcare monitoring. Sweat pressure generated via sweat glands to the skin surface associated with osmotic effects may help to elucidate such parameters as physiological conditions and psychological factors. This study introduces a wearable device for measuring secretion sweat pressure through noninvasive, continuous monitoring. Secretion pressure is detected by a microfluidic chip that shows the resistance variance from a paired electrode pattern and transfers digital signals to a smartphone for real-time display. A human study demonstrates this measurement with different exercise activities, showing the pressure ranges from 1.3 to 2.5 kPa. This device is user-friendly and applicable to exercise training and personal health care. The convenience and easy-to-wear characteristics of this device may establish a foundation for future research investigating sweat physiology and personal health care.

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